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 Manual Override

Foolish is the engineer who doesn't have some way to manually reset any active device that he has designed.  Assuming that their device will function flawlessly from the start is THE mark of engineering hubris.  Demanding perfection from devices, and human beings, is THE mark of managing/governing hubris.  There is certainly a special place reserved in the Hall of Fools for those who assume that all contingencies and emergencies have been anticipated, compenstated for, and perfectly addressed, up front, in their design document.  I am aware of the scriptural injunction against labelling people "fools", but if the shoe fits, far be it from me to lie about the propriety of them wearing it...

There are times when direct intervention is required.

Since this is true of engineered systems, it is even more true when it comes to the system of the mind proposed earlier.  Sometimes, a form of "manual intervention" will be required to get the thought life/spiritual life under control.  You should not be surprised, as you read this essay, to discover that many of the processes that are used to bring a system into control are related, at some level, to those processes that were used to knock it out of control in the first place.

Thus, one goal of this essay will explore externally imposed practices that can be used to aid the processes already outlined in this stage and in the stages yet to be written.

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