Our Mission

The mission of this website is to fulfill the command of God to me personally to put onto the internet what I have learned and discovered over the last four decades.

Initially, this website was intended to serve as an archive for what I have learned about the practice of claiming the promises of God as given in the Old and New Testaments of the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures.  The URL is a play on words: Logo comes from logos, the greek word that is translated as "word" that is used in John 1, while  "Tech" comes from "Technology", the field of human endeavor where scientific findings are translated into objects and practices that produce calculated  and consistent responses by relying on the underlying consistency of Natural Law.  I was a science-geek pre-teenager when I read Glenn Coon's ABC's of Prayer, which convinced me that God's promises could be regarded as equvalent to Natural Law, with faith being the precondition necessary to trigger the promise.  That conviction has served me well over the following years, to the point where I decided I knew enough and had learned enough to start the process of publishing on the Internet what I have learned.

If you haven't found that section yet, its because God intervened in a new-yet-old way that changed my priorities.  It'll go up, eventually.  In the meantime, I highly recommend the book "10 Prayers God Always Says Yes To" by Anthony DeStefano as an initial primer. 

My current mission appears to be to serve the Church Universal as a consultant and principal investigator of a theo-engineering/theo-technological think-tank dedicated to restoring to the Church and its members capabilities lost since the first century AD.  This website will serve as a repository of essays and reports issued documenting the progress of the work performed and research conducted.  Our current research direction is outlined in this inaugural essay.

Who We Are

The "I" of this website is Gerald Owens, a Senior Plant Engineer in the Engineering Support Department of Plant E.I. Hatch, a two unit Nuclear Power Plant about 20 miles south of Vidalia, Georgia on Highway 1.  My field of expertise is Computer Science, and I am one of two engineers that maintain the Safety Parameter Display System.  I am the sole author of all the essays on this website and thus responsible, in conjunction with the leading of the Holy Spirit, for its content.  I am also the programmer that designed and wrote the Content Management System that enables me to prepare, publish, and present the website content.  The position I hold in the imaginary "engineering think tank" that inspires this website's style is that of Principal Investigator and Chief Guinea Pig.

I currently attend Cedar Crossing Baptist Church outside of Uvalda, Georgia, so if you are in the local area and want to talk to me, just come by on a Sunday and ask for me!

Ken Fuqua, my "spiritual dive buddy" who is referenced often in these essays, prior to his move to the South Texas Project, was a Senior Plant Engineer at Plant Hatch, and was responsible, among other things, for creating the operating plans that the operators follow to ensure that the reactors are operated safely, reliably, and economically.  I thank the Lord for his insights, enthusiasm, and comments as he serves as a validator of the ideas presented here.  Indeed, if it were not for him commenting on an unusual manifestation of the Spirit's working in his life, I would have missed Unification, the work of the Spirit to unify the Church, the result of which the impact of this Great Work would have been greatly impoverished.  The position he holds is that of Associate Investigator and Quality Control Monitor.  (The reference to "dive buddy" is reflective of the fact that both of us have scuba-dived in the past, I recreationally, and he as part of his service as a submariner in the United States Navy.  It is an iron-clad rule that nobody scuba dives alone: a buddy is necessary for one's safety, and the responsibility is mutual in that each looks out for the other while enjoying the dive.)

Glenn Davies, was a Senior Plant Engineer at Plant Hatch and was responsible, among other things, for training engineers.  The position he holds is that of Associate Investigator and Guinea Pig.  He helped me debug Illumination and refine my views on faith.

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