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(For a long time, I have been using the terms "Stage 1", "Stage 2", "Stage 3", and "Stage 4" to describe the various capabilities that the Holy Spirit Symbiote brings about within the believing Homo host.  However, I came to the realization that I needed more descriptive terms to label an inter-related set of distinct capabilities that build upon each other.  I have made a start toward this re-naming here.  Thus, what I have been calling "stage 2" I will call Illumination.  This is distinct from what I used to call Stage 4 (Inspiration), but I found the distinction between the two terms too fine to avoid confusion.  I thus now call Stage 4 "Manipulation" to emphasize the external physical manifestion of the results of the Spirit's working. )

Introduction to Stage 2 - Illumination Being Led unto All Truth

The term "Illumination" comes from the phenomenon that everyone who has been in a difficult and challenging school class has experienced: it is the phenomenon of suddenly "seeing the point".  It is the "aha moment".  It's when "the lights come on."  That which was formerly obscure to the struggling student suddenly becomes so obvious and clear that embarassment is sometimes felt.  Theoreticians in the sciences experience Illumination when a mass of experimental results that looked like a confused and tangled chaos suddenly becomes exquisitely ordered when looked at from a different angle or with a different set of pre-suppositions.  Artists call it "inspiration".  Eastern mystics use the term "enlightenment" to mark the moment that the seeking acolyte suddenly grasps the true structure and nature of reality.

Once experienced, it becomes the turning point in a person's life.  It is those moments that many try to replicate without success.  Artisians mark their lives by the times illumination has come to them, counting the barren expanses of time between these comings as merely existing rather than living.  Not a few creative individuals have turned to hallucinogenic drugs in an effort to "re-see" the world around them in an effort to provoke its arrival.  These human attempts to bring it about "at will" rarely work, but the fact that they occasionally succeed encourages others to follow suit.  This is both a testament to the incredible benefits of these rare events and the hunger for knowing that has led to our species being called Homo Sapiens.  Those who receive illumination on a consistent basis are rightly called geniuses, and are considered the greatest of humanity's benefactors.

Sadly, the benefits are so great that too many turn to stealing the inspirations of others, with the result that the spirits of the victims become so scarred and gutted that they feel unable to ever create again.  Who would blame them?  After all, the rarity of a significant illumination leads us to conclude that it happens only once or twice in an individual's lifetime, and it is generally conceded that the feelings engendered by such a loss work to prevent any further illumination.  This is so prevalent that the establishment of copyrights and patents "to promote the progress of science and useful arts" is enshrined within the Constitution of the United States in the same section that authorizes taxation and the coining of money.  These protections have, from the beginning, been extended to artistic works because only the crassest of materialists would deny that the feeding of the human soul is not a "useful art" because of a personal (and self-refuting) belief that the soul does not exist. For those of my readers who have suffered such losses, I enthusiastically recommend the application of the Holy Spirit's ability of suppression as recounted here for the healing of their feelings and emotions.  It worked for me, and it will work for you. 

However, do not limit yourself to thinking that all that is available to you is the inner peace that comes from the elimination of the bitterness that springs from a personal loss of that which happens only once or twice in a person's lifetime, and maybe three times if one is lucky.  The Holy Spirit has more to offer to the one within whom He abides forever.

Thus, I welcome my readers of a creative and inventive bent to the first essay of what I believe to be the most exciting of the Four Stages, which is the leading of us unto all truth by the Holy Spirit, and which is nothing less than the repeated illumination of a willing, informed, and prepared host.  My hope and prayer is that those of my readers who are counted as "knowledge workers" and artisians in our modern world, who appreciate the power of ideas, who grasp the incredible implications of this stage, and who choose to walk in it, will join me in creating the next Scientific Revolution.

A new Golden Age.

The Second Renaissance.

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