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Getting Serious

Getting serious means going to the next level.

Getting serious means to stop thinking in terms of "you and I", and to start thinking in terms of "we".  You're really stuck together, so act like it.  The best analogy is the best marriage: there is no "your stuff" and "my stuff".  Its all "our stuff".  Try it.  The Spirit'll love you for it.

Getting serious means coming to a realization of how "precious" that Deus symbiote residing within you actually is, and really living out that realization.  How should you feel, act and think about Him?  Take Gollum and the Ring of Power: Move the ring off the finger and into the wearer so they never lose it.  Change the effect on the wearer from bad to good.  Change the Ring's influence from wanting to return to Sauron to wanting to help the wearer at all costs.  The Nagzul are watching your back, not putting a knife into it.  Change Sauron's attitude from "Dude, where's my Ring?" to "I made it just for you!"  That's all.  What doesn't (and shouldn't) change is Gollum's attitude.  His "evil" came from the Ring being evil.  He was ugly because it deformed him, not edified him.  Emulate his drivenness, his passion, his focus, his single-mindedness.  Blessed are you if you are proactive about this, for I had to discover this the hard way when I had to temporarily suppress that connection.  You.  Have.  Been.  Warned. 

Don't limit yourself to reducing gaps between the bad and the acceptable.  Go positive.  Getting serious means seeing gaps between present performance and the Perfection of Jesus Christ, identifying them, and asking the Holy Spirit to reduce the performance gap.  Only way to do that is to increase performance.  Punch the holes in the washers harder, without sacrificing precision. 

Going positive means getting new thoughts thrown into the bitstream by the Holy Spirit.  Look up George Washington Carver, the greatest scientist who not only was a Christian, but leveraged it into a stunning performance of highly productive servanthood.  He swore he saw and heard plants telling him what they could do, having asked God to enable him to hear them.  I admired a lot of scientists while I was growing up, but I've found my hero.  He and the Spirit drove the process forward.  It was done once before.  It can happen again.

You have problems believing you can get results?  Peter was criticized by Jesus for doubting while he walked on water.  Peter stayed above water because he didn't doubt that Jesus could save him, and getting saved meant his faith had to keep him above water long enough for Jesus to get to him.  Great and little faith is not based on how much or how little faith you have, but on how much or how little you think God can do for you and through you  (Romans 14, 1 Corinthians 8).  Got doubts that hinder your faith?  Then variance manage your doubts.

Can you take it?  Only if you're really serious.  Count the cost.  I have.  See you at the finish line.

What's on the next page is what is possible.  Symbiosis is real. 

Keep your eyes and ears open.  Aslan is on the move.

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