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What's new? (Updated June 23, 2011)

I have written a third year retrospective here.

When is a failure of Suppression of temptation not a new failure mechanism, like the one I came across and documented on December 17, 2010?  I have again expanded the "Debugging Manipulation" essay with a new page here [February 12, 2011]. 

I have detected a new failure mechanism that would counteract the Suppression of temptation.  Thus, I have expanded the "Debugging Manipulation" essay with a new page here [December 17, 2010].

A deeper understanding of the centrality of Unification as a foundational principle, and a recognition of Suppression as being a subset of Manifestation has led to a reorganization of the Symbiotic Christianity section.  The concept of stages has been dropped since it reflected the historical order of discovery.  The revised division of the work of the Spirit reflects whether the work is perceived unconsciously (Manipulation), consciously (Illumination), or relationally (Unification).  I discuss it in more detail on my journal.

I now have a journal here.  Announcments of essays will be given there, along with speculations, conjectures, findings not big enough to warrant an essay, bible commentary, or mini-essays that don't fit into the Symbiotic Christianity structure or information flow.  The mechanics of the journaling software are still being worked on (such as the permissions glitch some of you may have seen).

I now have a feedback methodology that will mostly replace e-mailing me.  If you still want my e-mail, then submit a feedback entry asking for it and giving your e-mail address.  E-mail addresses will be kept private.  Eventually, the feedback mechanism will be improved enough to fill in as a moderated commenting system on essays and journal entries, but for now all feedback will be kept private.

I have written a second year retrospective here.

The newest complete essay is The Scripture Communications Protocol, where I outline how Scripture-reading Believers recognize when the Holy Spirit is interacting with them in order to lead them to all scriptural truth.

I have found it necessary to revise my understanding of Manipulation.  I have modified the condensed explanation of Symbiotic Christianity here and give a brief (for me) overview of the correction and its implications here.

This Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, "Where God Wants Me", presents in a simple way one of the core ideas underlying all the essays in this website.  My thanks to Sharon Beverly, a co-worker, for forwarding this to me.

Main Sequence: Symbiotic Christianity

Instroductory Concepts

  1. Pentecost.  The Inaugural Article of this Website.  What really happened at Pentecost?  What didn't happen that should have happened?   And what in the world does Darwin Day have to do with it? 
  2. Site of Residence.  In symbiosis, the key concept is "location, location, location!"  Where does the Holy Spirit Reside within the believer?  What is the human heart of man as seen by Jesus and the Bible writers?  How does that location impact Deus/Homo interactions? 
  3. "Only a Metaphor?".  What happens if a metaphor actually isn't a metaphor, but you think it is?  And how does that realization change the way that other scripture "metaphors" are to be understood?  The problems of inappropriate labelling are discussed in this essay, along with criteria for determining the validity of the work presented here.
  4. "In Christ".  From where did Paul get this term?  In this re-write of an earlier essay, I explore its unique origin and show how its meaning enhances our understanding of the mechanics of Symbiosis.  (This is a greatly revised version of the earlier version that is preserved here for historical purposes, which shows how my understanding of this phenomenon evolves as I experience this new kind of life and way of living.)


The lack of essays in this section is historical in nature, focussing more on that which was observable in the order I perceived them, rather than in the order of their importance.  This unacceptable condition will be corrected in the next suite of essays, Spirit willing.


  1. "Illumination and Wisdom".  The introduction to this stage fits Illumination within the larger framework of wisdom as given in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
  2. "Really all Truth?".  In this essay I engage in blatant sacred cow-tipping to broaden your expectations of what the Holy Spirit does for us via Illumination.  You definitely need to read the discussion regarding "resonant living".  
  3. "The Scripture comunications Protocol".  In this essay, I show how Scripture-reading Believers recognize the Holy Spirit's interaction within them to lead them to all scriptural truth.

    I very highly recommend the reading of Gary Chapman's "The Love Languages of God" as an independent confirmation of the belief that God actively communicates with His people.  We share two core assumptons central to Illumination: God is actively speaking to His people, but they require some basic knowledge to help them hear that communication.  My only regret is that I did not "catch a clue" from my wife's enthusiastic endorsement of his books years earlier.


  1. Hack yer mind! Why this Website is here.  The Keys to making salvation really work for you.  Forget about pop psychology and their various methods for changing human behavior: THIS is the stuff that REALLY WORKS!  I've been a Christian for decades, and recovered my first love for Christ and God after He led me to figure out this stuff and applied it to my life.
  2. Variance Management.  The practical application of the Deming Quality Manufacturing Line principles referenced in "Hack yer mind!" to living the Christian life symbiotically.  The Japanese almost ate America's lunch using these principles.  We're not just gonna eat the devil's lunch with these: we'll be feasting on his breakfast, supper, and bedtime glass of milk.   This was Released on Independence Day, July 4, 2008, and for good reason.
  3. Debugging Manipulation.  No manufacturing line start-up is without problems, and this applies to the Thought Life Control process described in "Hack yer mind!" and "Variance Management".  This article looks at possible problems to getting it running and offers solutions that have been of help to me.
  4. The Symbiotic Refinery.  The extension of  Stage 1 methodologies to facilitate manipulation of  human biochemical systems.  Placed in this stage, because miracles are still miracles, regardless of scale.

I recommend the reading of Bill Johnson's "When Heaven Invades Earth" as a promising high-level introduction to Manipulation.  Conceptually, he's five years ahead of me, but he's a big-picture writer while I get down into the details.  It is a big relief to find out I'm not alone hacking through this jungle.

Relation to Earlier Work

  1. Manual Override.  How the practice of the traditional Christian spiritual disciplines impact, and are impacted by, Symbiosis.  This will be a work in progress as each of the above stages are completed. 

Items without links are planned items, so the publication dates and topics are subject to change without notice. 

Currently, the essays are written at a relatively high level, targeted more to engineering and science types than to a general lay audience, a situation for which I apologize.  To be blunt, the state of the subject is still in flux, so this level of dialogue is necessary since it is the only way I can understand how it all worked and hung together.  Thanks to the Holy Spirit and various opportunities, I am beginning to work on a more casual presentation.  Ironically, due to the problem of fighting the concept that symbiosis is a good metaphor, but only a metaphor, I find myself struggling with the problem of finding good metaphors to describe it as a reality while avoiding the suggesting that it itself is a metaphor.

The research project has gone into a mode that does not permit a predictable publication schedule.

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I have added a journalling and diary subsystem to the Content Management Toolkit.  Click on the "My Journal" link in the right sidebar to get to my journal.  My diary is private, and differs from the journaling subsystem in that the entries default to "private" mode rather than "draft" mode.

I have also added a feedback system.  Right now, all feedback/comments are private, but improvements will automatically propagate through the system that would allow it to stand-in as a system to comment on essays, journal entries, and individual pages that will be publicly visible.

This website is maintained and executed using a Content Management Toolkit (CMT) of my own design that I hope to release as Open Source Software.  The mechanics of the CMT are being worked upon, so the site behavior and layout will be in flux as I debug the system.

The CMT site software is at version 2.  Those desiring how the prevous version got to be refactored are referred to this page.

I am not very artsy, so the website is strictly text, with some decoration and layout to help locate everything.  On the plus side, I have been informed that the pages of this website come up very rapidly and beautifully on internet connected phones.  I will be working on various aspects of the layout and appearance, but the content takes, understandably, first priority.

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