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[NOTE: This is a section from a previous version of "In Christ" accessible here.  That original version suffered from an unnecessary conflation of concerns that didn't become evident until after "The Symbiotic Refinery" was written and after a trip I made to California to visit relatives.  I finally figured out that it was really two essays mashed into one, of which this essay is one of those.  I also address some issues that weren't apparent until I had lived the Symbiotic lifestyle for an extended period of time.  Previous readers are advised to read this first page and then skip forward and start reading from this page, since the portion discussing metaphors has only been lightly edited to correct typos and clarify some sentences.]

 Why This Essay Exists 

The Inaugural Essay gave an outline of the Symbiotic Thesis, which states that what is known as the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the believer at conversion constitutes, in reality, the forming of a symbiotic relationship where the Holy Spirit (Deus) lives within the human (Homo) host, in a permanent, intimate, and potentially beneficial union.  Initially, I ran into the problem of inconsistent word usage by the Apostles (Disciples and Paul) that made it more difficult to establish the thesis and explore its consequences.  I proposed an initial assessment in a prior revision of the essay "In Christ" here, but further research and experience has proved that the discussion was somewhat muddled because it attempted to address two separate issues that I had inappropriately conflated.  In view of this, I have decided to discuss them separately.  Thus, this essay will address a specific argument against Symbiosis, while I will be revising "In Christ" to deal with a specific aspect of the mechanics of Symbiosis.

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