An initial look at this last year may lead someone to the unwarranted belief that progress has come to a halt in the current research program.  While it is true that the rate of publication has come to a halt, the reality is that a great deal of progress has been made in the area of Unification.  The problems being encountered are due to the fact that a great deal of progress has been made in the area of Unification.

Permit me to explain.  When it comes to Manipulation and Illumination, the basic ideas center around the logical application of forces by the Holy Spirit on neurons.  While modern atheistic science considers the generation of force from the Spirit as impossible, even they will admit that if the forces generated behave similarly to naturally generated forces, then my discussion of the physics and biology underlying Manipulation is logically consistent: an atheist who refuses to grant the initial premise for the sake of argument is refusing to walk in the steps of theoretical physicists who made similarly unsubstantiated initial assumptions, applied the physics in a logical and systematic fashion, and came up with testable predictions.  For sure, many theories have been refuted when appropriately designed experiments failed to substantiate the predictions, but the fields of Quantum Mechanics, Special Relativity, and General Relativity had similar theoretical foundations whose logical predictions have been consistently confirmed in laboratories and field expeditions.  (I suspect that part of the problem is that skeptics insist on casting God as a force rather than as a Person.  If God is a Person and the playfield is the human mind, then the experimental methodologies to be used must necessarily come from the social and psychological sciences, with all the experimental and observational uncertainties inherent in those methodologies that come with dealing with people instead of things.  Yet the findings of those fields are used with reasonable confidence in their reality)

My point is that my having a physics degree helped me to understand the physics of Manipulation.  The Physics of Illumination are no different, and the difference between the two is based on the different effects when those forces are applied to different neurons based on the different requirements that those effects are to produce.  Thus, progress in explaining Manipulation and Illumination should have been expected to be rapid.

Progress in Unification is a different matter, since we are talking about a property of Diety that man does not naturally possess.  So alien is the concept of unification at the biological level that the most precise word we moderns have to describe it (symbiosis) is only 2 centuries old.  Contrast that against words describing natural processes, including the phenomenon of the consciousness of the human mind, that are recognizable in the most ancient writings of civilizations now extinct.

To illustrate the inherent difficulties in understanding the phenomenon of Unification that have been the cause of delays in progress reports, consider how the unification of Jesus with the Holy Spirit is described in Revelation.  In Revelation 1, John sees the glorified physical form of Jesus, and describes him in terms of being a clothed man who happens to glow.  However, things start to get more hazy in chapters 2 and 3, when Jesus starts talking to the Seven Churches through John.  For starters, each message starts with an operational or descriptive definition of Jesus as a salutation.  That is, instead of the letter to Thyratira saying "this is what Jesus Christ says", the letter says "this is from the Son of God, whose eyes are like a flame of fire and whose feet are as fine brass."  More significant is that each letter ends with the same phrase: "He that has an ear, let him hear what The Spirit is saying to the churches."  Excuse me, but I thought it was Jesus talking?  Apparently, when it comes to Jesus Christ being our example, we can expect that the line between us and the Spirit is as hazy as the line between Him and the Spirit revealed in these bible passages. 

That is, if a line between them even exists:  In Revelation 4, we get a glimpse of Heaven's throne room where John sees God the Father as a single someone who sits on a throne.  The closest thing to the Holy Spirit in the picture are "seven lamps of fire before the throne which are the Seven Spirits of God."  What John is actually seeing is a three-dimensional "picture" of a reality existing in four dimensions where God, not normally seeable, is able to be seen as a "being" able to "sit" on what looks like a physical throne.  The Seven Spirits are actually the Holy Spirit, but the multiplicity of His manifestation is a clear indication of "higher-dimensionality", and is the way a fifth dimensional person would look like projecting Himself into four dimensions that are being mapped to the three dimensions that humans can perceive.  The best analogy is to think of two dimensional beings living on the surface of a sink full of water, and you, a higher dimensional being, stick the fingers of one hand through the surface of the water: the two dimensional beings would see "you" as five separate entities in their dimension, even though there is only one of "you" in your dimension.  The key idea is that "seven" is associated with the Spirit, and because the Spirit is one with the Church, there are "seven" candlesticks representing the Spirit burning within each Church (Revelation 1). 

The symbology of "seven" representing the Holy Spirit comes into play in Revelation 5 when Jesus is introduced as the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah", but John sees a lamb that was slain, "having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the Seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the Earth".  What is important here is to see that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are represented symbolically by divine function: Jesus' function was to serve as the sacrifice for our sins, and the reference to him as a lamb that was slain symbolizes the role of the sacrificial lamb given as atonement for personal sin.  What is significant is that the Spirit is functionally represented by the Lamb (Jesus) having seven eyes, and John takes great pains to clearly identify those eyes as the Seven Spirits of God that were sent forth into all the Earth in response to Jesus' prayer that the Father bestow the Spirit on the disciples and on those who would believe on Him through them.  The divine function of the Spirit within Jesus is represented as serving as the Lamb's vision system.  Not an augmentation (for then the Lamb would have nine eyes, not seven), but a replacement (seven eyes instead of two) at the simulated organic level.

To be sure, this is a mere speculation based on a literal interpretation of "side text" in the most cryptic of the books of the Bible.  The vast majority of charismatic and pentecostal commentators usually reference Isaiah 11:1-4 to interpret the Seven Spirits as seven aspects or seven functions of the Holy Spirit.  However, it is significant to note that verse 4 points out that whoever is The Branch from the Root of Jesse will not be using his natural ears and eyes when judging people, but would be relying on information provided by the Spirit of Understanding and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord (two of the seven aspects described in verse 2), so it appears that the Isaiah passage needs to be factored into any discussion as to the functionality of the Spirit within the context of Revelation 5.

However, the above excursion into Revelation is not for the purpose of actually explaining the passage, for I would have made it part of a research essay rather than a part of the yearly retrospective of such research!  The goal of this website is not to speculate, but to provide actionable information based on scripture and a systematic application of engineering principles based on the concept that "by their fruits ye shall know them", and the above excursion merely illustrates one of several avenues of research currently being pursued to get a handle on what is possible.  For instance, if there is a connection between Revelation 5 and Isaiah 11 that implies that the Holy Spirit integrates Himself into His earthly Host at the organic level, then what is that supposed to look/feel like "from the inside"?  How would the world look if one saw it through seven spiritual eyes instead of two physical ones?  What phenomena would indicate functionality?  Isaiah 11:4 suggests that two specific "Spirits" of God (Understanding and Fear of the Lord) are all that is required to give someone the right to judge the earth and administer punishment.  Given this, is there a sort of "voting system", such as two out of seven, that is required before action can be taken on the information?  A two out of seven system implies 21 unique and different possiblities, so are there 20 other "functions" that The Branch of the Root of Jesse could perform?  What would the world look like if three eyes got involved, and what would be the 35 "functions" that three out of seven would qualify one for?  Is the existence of the "two out of seven" voting system the reason Solomon doesn't just speak of Wisdom only in Proverbs, but Wisdom and Understanding (a different pair of the Isaiah 11:3 Spirits of God)?  Is there a veto system whereby one out of seven saying "no" is a disqualifier or inhibits action?

My point is that the above qualify only as hypotheses, and are not anywhere near the level of detail required to flesh out a research essay that permits systematic and consistent reproduction of the promised results by others.  Heck, I have no idea what the results would be!  This is due to the fact that, while I have real experience sensing how Manipulation and Illumination feel and look like in my head, the experience of Unification would be relatively alien.  Why is this?  It is because Manipulation and Illumination ultimately manifest themselves as experiences that happen to me and within me, while Unification, to be truly effective, must affect who I am rather than what I can do

In looking back at the year, what has greatly helped me was the writing of the essay on Illumination via the Scriptures: time and again, I would find myself in an intellectual fix, ask for a revelation from the Spirit via the Scriptures, and have the problem resolved by the verse (or set of verses) that the Spirit brings to my attention, either as I read them or as the verses themselves come to mind directly.  In fact, I have become convinced that I was in error in believing there are multiple communications protocols of equal validity and effectiveness: The Spirit guiding you via the scriptures are completely sufficient and necessary.   I am aware of others that help me connect at an emotional level to the Spirit, and I will eventually get around to documenting them, but they clearly are of inferior quality to that of the Spirit talking to us via the Scriptures!

However, ultimately, the final and most potent reason for the lack of essays in the last year is due to my sitting at the keyboard ready and wanting to write, and drawing a mental blank.  To be blunt, I simply was blocked from writing essays, while I have no problem making information and progress entries in a private diary that I have online.  In retrospect, the reason was clear: I simply had not progressed enough in understanding Unification via personal experience to competently write about it.  While there are indications that the "blocking" has ceased, the proof will be in the generation of essays. 

Thus, one can characterize this third year as one of internal growth in Unification, the progress of which has been recorded in personal diary entries, but whose incompleteness does not permit publication as an essay.  We shall see what the Spirit does during Year Four.

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