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Do You Believe You are Too Messed Up?

Are you too messed up to believe that the Holy Spirit within you cannot possibly fix your thought life? If so, then all the better

How can I say that?  For the following reasons:

  1. You'll have plenty of opportunities to apply the methodology if your thought life is messed up to the point of obsession.  I've found that the biggest difficulties in applying the methodology is when you're trying to squeeze out the last little bits that seem so small and inconsequential that the work does not seem worth doing.
  2. You won't need to be reminded to apply the methodology, since your obsessions will always be reminding you.  My biggest problems are the rare temptations that seem to "pop" up like Tomahawk missiles after hiding for long periods of time.
  3. Best of all, you'll know when it is working.  I know this from personal experience: I had struggled, and failed, with my porn obsession for so long that I could not, when it did stop in response to the Variance Management methodology, ignore the stunning fact that it had stopped.   The only times I fell after that is when I began to actively disbelieve that it was stopped, despite the obvious and plain evidence that there was no temptation, and the Holy Spirit stopped suppressing the temptation-thoughts to remind me of what life was like before I applied the methodology.  After my second failure, I got a clue and realized that even lies that spring from a seemingly zealous piety only ticks off your Holy Spirit symbiote who doesn't tolerate falsehood in any form.  Trust me on that one: been there, done that, got the scars to prove it.

Your biggest problem will be deciding which obsession to start on first.  I recommend consciously trying to tackle them all, making an agreement with the Holy Spirit within you that you will concentrate on the one which you discover seems to be abating the quickest.  Success breeds optimism for further success, but this will require being aware of the intensity of your temptations and any changes to them. 

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