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The First Counter-Example: Prophecy

The first counterexample is 1 Corinthians 14, where Paul cites the Spirit leading the prophets in a church service to the secrets (truths that are unknown to most) that reside in the hearts of visitors to the point of them confessing that God is truly among them.  This is analogous to the challenge Nebuchadnezzar gave the Chaldean Wise men recorded in Daniel 2 to tell him the dream that he had forgotten, but which Daniel did, proving that Daniel's interpretation had to have come "from the gods".  (I want to point out that I do not consider the revealing of Nebuchadnezzar's dream as a counter-example, since it detailed the course of world history until the Coming of a Kingdom set up by the God of Heaven, making it a religious truth covered by the restricted form.  Rather, I wanted to point out how only God is privy to the secret of men's hearts, so that when such secrets are revealed to the one who claims to hear from God, then their claim is proven to the one whose secrets have been revealed.  As such, this helps me refute the restricted form because the personal truths of a finite being are not religious truths.  In contrast, only the personal truths of God qualifies as religious truth.)

It may be argued that the truth that was revealed was revealed to lead people to God, and so it was a religious truth.  This is a false and misleading argument, since it confuses the motive and purpose of the truth told with the nature of that truth.

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