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In this essay, I have been able to show, or suggest, the following from the Scriptures:

  • The phrasology "Christ in us" and "in Christ" is to be taken literally as a presence of Jesus within us.
  • The presence of Jesus within us is identical to the presence of God the Father in Jesus.
  • This presence of the Father in Jesus was accomplished by the presence of the Holy Spirit within the latter.
  • The Holy Spirit is that mediating presence that makes the Trinity One.
  • The presence of the Holy Spirit within us, as in Jesus, makes us one with the Trinity.  This union makes us part of what has always been the Kingdom of God, which is God Himself.
  • Just as the presence of the Holy Spirit in Jesus was, and is, literal, so the presence of the Holy Spirit in us is literal.
  • This literal presence was seen by Jesus as God the Father working in him to give him words to speak.  In the same way, the literal presence of the Holy Spirit in us allows Jesus to work within us to generate words.
  • These words often came as quotations from the Holy Scriptures.  This is evidenced by Jesus citing to the Devil those quotations that the Holy Spirit gave to him when he was faced with specific temptations by the Devil in the wilderness. 
  • The Christian life is lived symbiotically by us following the scripture quotation given to us by the Holy Spirit.
  • Upon establishing that the Symbiotic Christian will reliably follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, God sends that Christian to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.
  • The miraculous powers that accompanied Jesus when he preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to confirm his word and to do good works will be worked by those also preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to confirm the word and to do good works.

I want to conclude this essay by again apologizing for misleading anyone because of the prior version of this essay, which was written too close to the beginning of my experience with Symbiosis to really be authoritative.  In a sense, the prior version violated an important guideline of this website, which is that I write either from my personal experience or from a belief that I felt was very certainly true.  In that case, I foolishly went for the most glitzy explanation whose manifestation would be put off to what would later be called Stage Four: I already was experiencing a "voice" within that had reliably guided me through a lawsuit whose cost was running well into five figures, so I pre-maturely assumed that the "video" would soon follow the "audio" as a kind of signal that I had spiritually matured enough to start displaying Stage Four capabilities.  The better choice was to do a detailed analysis of the relevant scripture passages that would have indicated that the "audio" was not only necessary, but also quite sufficient. 

In retrospect, I believe a contributing factor was the rigid publication schedule I was following at the time, the cure for which was the transition to a more fluid and relaxed "un-schedule" that is more in keeping with the personality of the Spirit Within who was revealing all this stuff to me by working within me to bring it about.  When I was a teenager, I struggled to try to figure out and implement a synthesis beween my Doctor-Father's American-style fast paced pursuit of money and success via the acquisition and employment of highly technical and scientific skills, and my Nurse-Mother's more "laid back" Euro/Carribean-style quest for personal enlightenment, inter-personal relationship building, service delivered with personal commitment as well as professional competence, and an aesthetic appreciation of the arts.  I eventually decided that the synthesis was impossible because I found that I preferred eating to starving, so I adopted the former rather than the latter lifestyle.  While satisfying the mind and pocketbook, my choice proved rough on body and spirit.  For me to realize, as I write this paragraph, that the Spirit has not only accomplished the cultural synthesis into a practical mix, but had also set Himself to surreptitiously implement it within me as well, is another personal evidence of the gracious and nurturing nature of this member of the Trinity.

The current agenda as of the publication of this essay (latter third of May, 2009) is to start on Phase Two, the leading unto truth of the Host by the Symbiote.  The main goal will be to reproduce in you, my readers, the process outlined in this essay of the Spirit's working within the heart of the believer to create thought words and sentences that will not only convey Truth to the Inner Man, but but also the thoughts, feelings, and desires of the Trinity.  I want to share in this final paragraph my private fear, which is that this process, in which I seem to have been operating long before I stumbled upon the doctrine of Symbiosis, but which has flowered and grown into a passionate dialogue since that happy day, is unique only to myself or would be possible only to a limited few.  To this former skeptic when it came to "love" within the context of the Christian religion specifically, and to life in general, the prospect that the majority of my readers might not be able to interact with, experience, and come to passionately love and follow this uniquely wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, nuturing, comforting, and graceful Being, would be a great and ghastly failure on my part.  Given my background, I used to find the Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13, tedious, extreme, and an exquisite example of bloated and overdone romance-novel style language.  However, if you replaced "have not love" with "not know His love" in the relevant passages, it would perfectly express my sentiments.  If you were to possess every Stage Four capability that I have stated or outlined or remotely suggested, and yet not know or experience the magnitude and passion of the love of God toward you that I have come to know and experience, would be to attain perfect vanity, perfect emptiness, and perfect uselessness.  Despite his standing, I do not agree with Paul that a mere enumeration of the virtues of Perfect Love with an injunction to seek after it is sufficient to produce within us that kind of love.  It simply cannot be commanded or urged or encouraged or praised into existence, because it is completely alien to our earthly knowledge and experience.  It must first be shown by God and experienced yourself if the goal is for you to appreciate, admire, and emulate it.  Recently, I have been faced with a mounting number of situations that called for what can be classified as "a tactical Christian response".  Invariably, my very best, most edifying, and most successful responses have been structured and carried out after a panicked glance at the Spirit within as a living example, or after a quick rifling through of my memories of how the Spirit responded before in a similar situation, followed by a quick prayer of "Please help me get what you did right!" while I tried to emulate that which had been shown or bestowed on me by that Presence within with fear and trembling.  Afterwards, I would pray "Oh let them see that that came from God so that they would ask me how to really know Him!"  Sometimes, all I could do was to mentally yell, "TAKE THE WHEEL!"  I have never been disappointed in those times, because He has never failed to take it and bring good out of what looked like impending disaster.

My prayer, hope, and intent is that you will not be disappointed either.

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