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Variance Management in the Hall of Dreams

We Christians can apply these lessons by looking at the heart of man as a machine producing thoughts.  Like the Japanese, we have to start the process of  controlling variances in our thought life by adopting an attitude of zero tolerance toward inappropriate ones.  Thankfully, we don't have to worry about learning and maintaining state charts, because we are paired up, permanently and for eternity, with the Holy Spirit, who can keep track of all that just fine.  We, that is the "inner men", cannot control the thoughts coming out, but the Holy Spirit can.  We can learn the core basics of the Law so that the Holy Spirit can throw them up when appropriate.

However, we do not fight the variant thoughts presented to us.  Our recognition that they are wrong is, in itself, also a thought generated by the Holy Spirit, and evidence that he's in potential control: If he threw the thought in, its evidence he can control the heart-as-thought-machine.

What we do is take the variant thought, compare it with the Perfect Law (expanded to include the laws of love), and apply that attitude of zero tolerance by saying "This thought is unacceptable.  It is here, and I need to be there.  Holy Spirit, you have permission to eliminate the difference between where my heart thoughts obviously are, and where the standard says it should be."  The Holy Spirit takes that as permission (as agreed) and starts the adjustment process.  He rinses and washes, you decide how often to repeat.  Keep at it.  The process stops when you stop saying the results are unacceptable.

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