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The Road Ahead

To be blunt, I'm not sure how to fully work this symbiosis thing myself: We've lived so long as individuals, and have very little experience with symbionts who are tied together at the level that we Christians are with the Holy Spirit.  I tried calling the Lichen Embassy to get advice from someone who's been living that kind of Symbiotic life style a lot longer than I have, but nobody picked up the phone.

But here's how I think we should proceed to learn: as Scientists and engineers learn, using ourselves as the guinea pigs in the laboratory of the real world.  Half of the scriptures in this paper were understood in terms of existing scientific concepts produced in the scientific fields of Biology, Evolutionary theory, mathematics, Game theory, Secure Computer theory, and Physics.  In short, in order to get to where I am, I had to hijack Darwin.  Modern Science and its findings can help us find clues and evaluate them. 

Like a scientist, I'll put on this website what I learn.  I hope to get feedback from you, and will soon get an e-mail address you can use to report back what you've learned, or to answer questions you have.

Obviously, progress will be initially slow, but consider this: A grave problem in Evolution is the problem of instincts.  If Evolution succeeds in "giving" an animal a new trait that enables it to survive better, how does it acquire the instinct to use it effectively?  A new instinct happens in the brain, while the new trait may be in the legs, abdomen, or arms.  How could genes that express the form also affect behavior?

The problem is relevant to us, but not from the point of view of the genetics of instincts: we don't need instincts, because we are intelligent and can learn so that instincts can be replaced.  But if Symbiosis with Deus gives us new capabilities, we can't expect to be given instincts to enable us to use them immediately, because instincts force behavior, and God gave man free choice, which implies no forced behavior.  We gotta learn that the new capability exists, then learn how to use it.  That'll take time, wisdom, an maybe inspiration. 

We'll need to study the scriptures even more: I've identified verses that address Saltation and symbiosis, and there are more that I had no time or space to put into this article, so I'll be publishing those and my analyses of them on this site as well.  There are doubtless others.  A study of the Gospels and the book of Acts will be useful in identifying traits particular to Christian Symbionts: all members of a species behave similarly and have similar capabilities, but those capabilities may or may not be invoked, and thus observable, if the circumstances don't warrant it.  If Peter and Jesus could walk on water, then Philip and Paul could too, but if there was no reason to do it, there would be no record of them doing it.  Walking on water may prove useful to you one day, so being aware that you can do it too, because it is a Christian Symbiont trait, may be all that's needed for you to pull it off when you need it.

There are some serious questions that need answering: there were 120 baptized with fire and the Holy Spirit, but the record shows that only the Disciples, Paul, Stephen, and Philip worked miracles.  What happened?  Here's  a more pertinent puzzler: only Christians of Jewish heritage are recorded to have worked miracles.  No Gentile Greek Believer is recorded to have worked miracles.  If God is not a respecter of persons, then what caused  the Gentile Greek believers to not manifest miracles? 

I'll try to publish once a week, Saturday night, so you can have something to read and ponder Sunday afternoon.  Until then, think and pray about how you can learn how to touch base with the Holy Spirit within, so you can live from the inside out.

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