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Is There Another?

It does look as if Easter is a fair candidate to put up against Darwin Day, although it does have some downsides. Even though there is a lot less commercialism associated with Easter than Christmas, the fate of countless ducks and chicks traditionally sold during that season puts a dismal twist on the concept of the "survival of the fittest", so expect some pithy comments along those lines. 

To expand the doctrine of the resurrection to yield a counter-evolutionary, counter-secular materialist slant, will take some spin doctoring since it has been celebrated for centuries without such a spin being put on it.  Spin doctoring works as long as no one notices that its being done, and as long as those who do notice do not point it out to those who have not noticed it yet.  Personally, I believe the spin will be noticed: While Darwinists believe in truly foolish nonsense, they are among the brainiest and most influential people on the planet at the moment, and their ability to sell foolish nonsense as scientific truth is a testament to their braininess and influence.  Do not underestimate them!

However, I'm approaching this as an engineer, and a good one would be thorough and go over all the options.  Thus, we ought to look around and see if there is a lesser known event that would be as effective as Easter, but with fewer drawbacks.

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