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Optimising the Search

Wow!  We started with suppressing mental compulsions, and wound up finding the source of the Fruit of the Spirit!  As a result, we learned how to use it to maintain an optimal mental climate of peace "that passes all understanding".  All of the credit for this is due to the precious Holy Spirit Symbiote residing in us and doing nothing more than popping neuronal vesicles and releasing neurotransmitters!  Keep in mind that manipulating one's mental state via chemistry is a multi-billion dollar industry with profit margins so fat and the demand so high that competitors literally kill each other to maintain supply lines and extend market share.  What else is possible?  More importantly, where can we look to find what is possible?  Can we optimise our search for other capabilities that are isopistically consistent with demonstrated Stage 1 capability? 

Well, a good source is existing research, which has shown that compulsions and thoughts are not the only things influenced by neurotransmitters.

The linked list is a good start, and I will touch on two of the aspects on that list.  I will be brief because my interest in getting this essay written and out the door has not given me enough time to fully and deeply explore the two issues I will discuss, much less any of the other tantalizing potentialities that current brain research has uncovered.  However, consistent with the operating principles of this website, the capabilities I document are ones that I either am currently exercising, or have a strong belief and suspicion are possible.  This standard assures you, and others, that they can be lived out in our lives.  As usual, I retain the right to extend and expand on this essay to document new findings as I discover them and work them out in my life, or witness them being worked out in other people's lives.

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