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The following discussion will be about handling sex drive abnormalities arising from pornography.  If you are sensitive to this subject, as I was previously, or are fortunate enough to not be plagued by the side effects of pornography, then you may want skip to the next page. 

If you wish to continue reading because you have this problem, or want to be prepared for the event that someone with a similar problem comes to you, then you will need to scroll down quite a ways on this page.


 Sexual Urge

Okay, I'll have to be delicate about this subject, so I ask the reader's indulgence if I sound rather vague about some details that are private.  Nevertheless, I have solid proof (of a very personal nature) that the Holy Spirit Symbiote is more than capable of increasing, as well as decreasing, sexual urges and desires.

This may seem contradictory, based on the fact that my original problem was sexual compulsions that were initially fed by pornography.  However, this contradiction is an apparent one because our society consistently downplays the truly dreadful effects of pornography in its misguided homage to the right of Free Speech and Free Press. However, every Christian counselor and Christian researcher on the effects of pornography agree that it is a marriage killer: while it stimulates desire on the one hand, the object of the desire is consistently depicted as "perfect" or "impossible" for real, actual women to emulate, leading to a drop in sexual desire for one's own mate on the part of the person indulging in pornography. 

Pornography thrives by creating a downward spiral that those trapped in it find difficult to escape.  It goes something like this:  A healthy male, Christian or not, has natural and legitimate sexual desires that are ordained by God to be fulfilled within the insitution of marriage and with the loving cooperation of his wife.  This would normally act as a preventative and a hedge against temptation, and even the Apostle Paul warns against couples indulging too much in religiously based abstinence lest the lack of legitimate fulfillment lead to temptations to fulfill them illegitimately (I Corinthians 7).  He even regards a refusal to do so as "defrauding" the needy mate!  Pornography interferes with this because it destroys the husband's desire for his wife, who cannot compete against air-brushed, surgically enhanced, "talented", and highly paid professional actresses.  Lacking the intimacy and release that a healthy and approved sex life with his wife that a Christian husband should enjoy, but is deprived of by his being trapped in pornograpy, he feels forced to further indulge in the vice to satisfy urges he cannot satisfy.  This solidifies the hold that pornography has upon him, driving him further away from the one person who has the legitimate right and natural desire to help him out of this trap.  

Pornography works by perverting the "sexual appetite" away from preferring his wife in the marriage bed in the same way that the appetites of young children can be perverted by candy and junk food to distain healthy and nutritious food on the dinner table.  Pornography robs a Christian Husband of the ability to be satisfied with that which God had blessed and ordained to happen between himself and his wife.

If I said that I was unaffected by this aspect of pornography, then I would be lying through my teeth.  Thus, I am happy to report that the Holy Spirit Symbiote is more than willing to patch up and overcome the damage that pornography inflicted on my mental life.  Note that I said willing, not able: while there was no question that the cure boiled down to Him popping the right neuronal vesicles, the real question in my mind was if He would actually do it for that reason.  I knew He was able based on isopistic principles.  What I didn't know was whether He was willing to repair that ruined aspect of my married life that I had inflicted on myself.

Well, YESHe definitely is.  I have the time and date to "prove" it.  (I extend my apologies for not being more explicit, but I want to keep this website PG.)

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