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 Prospects for Future Progress

It is my belief that we have not finished this discussion of the Tack #1 strategy of discovering body functions that can be seen as isopistic to the Holy Spirit regulating neurotransmitter secretion.  Medical research will continue to discover more neurotransmitters and their effects on the brain.  It will discover that existing (or new) diseases will require an intelligent and customized immune system response as a cure.  We can be confident that the Holy Spirit Symbiote within us will handle any neurotransmitter properly and competently manage the Immune system to handle almost any pathogen because doing so is isopistic to His ability to control neurotransmitters.  That is, curing them requires no more faith than the little faith we already have that believes that He successfully suppresses compulsions. 

We will discuss tack #2, growing our faith, in the next essay of Stage 4. [July 3, 2010 Edit: As noted here, this growing of our faith is a Stage 2 (Illumination), not Stage 4 (Manipulation), process.  Thus, I direct my readers to the essay on tests and trials, whose writing lead to this deeper understanding, and apolgize for this misapprehension, asking for indulgence due to the necessarily contingent nature of early research when it is corrected and expanded by later findings.]

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