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 Method of Influence

I have pointed out in earlier essays that the only way that the Holy Spirit can influence the thoughts coming out of the heart was to affect discharges across neural synapses, the generation or suppression of neurotransmitters, and the tendency of neurons to fire or not fire.  However, it is almost always the case that a general description of how a process happens is far less fruitful than one that is extremely detailed and precise: This difference in the quality of details can be best illustrated by pointing out the very real difference between the general description of how a nuclear weapon is constructed and a detailed one.  Engineers appreciate, and exploit, the differences between the two, and it is from this passion for details that the majority rarely appreciate that springs the stereotype of the "nerd" and the "geek".  One can probably point to these essays on how an "engineering/scientist geek" can "complicate" some aspect of the Christian religion. 

Then, when their computer goes on the fritz, or something really complicated breaks that could really hurt someone if not repaired properly, guess who they call to fix it.

There are actually two different methods available to the Holy Spirit: creation or manipulation.  Examples exist in scriptures of each being used.

By creation I mean that the Holy Spirit creates the electrons that discharge across neural synapes as needed, fabricates the required neurotransmitters on the fly, and creates proteins within the neurons to influence whether and when it fires.  This relies on precise timing, configuration, and location so that the desired side-effect occurs as a natural result of 'nature taking its course'.  The best example of this is the creation of the spermazoon by the Holy Spirit that resulted in Mary's ensuing pregnancy, which created the body of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Another example is the creation of the world outlined in Genesis, where it is stated that the Holy Spirit "moved over the face of the waters".

By manipulation I mean that the Holy Spirit expends energy to manipulate pre-existing physical matter to initiate the desired effects.  Electron flow can be initiated by inducing chemical reactions that create the necessary electron excess that generates the electrical field across a synapse, leading to current flow.  DNA and proteins within neurons can be stimulated or activated to induce production of desired neurotransmitters.  Ion pumps can be stimulated to create electrical potentials that cause the neuron to fire.  Two examples of manipulation are the late pregnancies of Elizabeth and Sarah, in which the Holy Spirit can be presumed to have interacted with the DNA within pre-existing cells or eggs so that the resulting eggs were able to be fertilized by the sperm of Zecharias and Abraham, eventually giving birth to John the Baptist and Isaac.  Of the two, it appears that manipulation is the normal method of interaction, it being much more efficient in its deployment of energy.  It is closer to the historical "style" of interaction where God uses intermediaries to convey His blessings and aid.  The scriptures contain the histories of men and women through whom God chose to work when He wanted to intervene in worldly and spiritual affairs.  And let us not forget the cooperation between Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, combined with the cooperation of the believer with the Holy Spirit, so that Jesus Christ is revealed to the believer.  In fact, the writer of Hebrews appears to discount direct creation as the cause of all matter in the universe, stating that that which is seen is the result of manipulation of that which already existed but was not visible.  That seems to be an appropriate first century description of the conversion of energy to matter.

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